Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I roamed round the globe , I went from door to door
I passed through every street , viewed through every open window
Desolated , Disappointed , Frustrated
Made your plastic kind feel me
I returned to my home , Again I was all alone

In  your world of split tongues  , I gave my best
Talked from pamper kids to dotage kids
Spoke, yes spoke!! to your adults
Purity was my treasure , my treasure hunt was my nemesis
In the world of plastic emotions , I gave my best
Walking to my home . Desolated , Frustrated , Disappointed
I gave my best , surely I need some rest

I felt satisfied , oh ! I too belong to your kind
But eyes didn't feel the way my heart did
They needed more to see , my heart had enough to feel
They wanted to bare your kind but heart had had enough to bear
Biasing in blood , sleep- the servant of eyes . Vanished on it's order
I was  back on your street, searching for the unknown species

I ran , she chased . You saw , you laughed , you scoffed at the insane
Street so narrow and dark , street like a black line
I gave up , resonance in our breath , decibels raised from 2 to 9
"Black line , decibels raised from 2 to 9 , welcome to the world of canine
You searched the whole world , fool answers are known to your oldest friend
Born with spears in our mouth , loyalty is in our blood
You makes us wag our tail , ears frown on your sound
You used to be kind , we have always been kind to your kind
Purity in our loyalty , loyalty in our blood"

" Respect for the mother of your kind , what about the mother of six ?
With a little milk left in breast , there always lies a problem to fix
Chosen by the destiny we survive
Pamper them , spoon feed them , make them fit for this world
Your kinds way of transforming a stone into emerald
Survival of the fittest is your claim , The way I see it  it all goes in drain
Purity in our claim , unbiasedness in our blood"

" Love knows no boundaries ,  you teach and preach
  Love your child , you teach and preach
  We make love with our child , we practice what you teach and preach
We practice what you teach , and you say us BITCH
Purity in our love , Audacity in our blood"

She ran , I chased . You saw , you laughed , you scoffed at the insane